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Did you know it takes carbon 3.3 billion years under pressure to become a diamond? Right now we’re all feeling pressure, from students to parents to teachers. At Diamond Learning Center, our mission is to provide students with access to quality education they need to succeed in school and in life. We offer a variety of learning options to keep your student engaged and on course!

Online 1-on-1 tutoring

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Online 2-5 Student Pods

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All K-12 subjects and most college courses

Available Online Nationwide

Starting at $40/hour

In-home 1-on-1 tutoring

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Starting at $50/hr

In-home 2-5 student Pods

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Starting at $18/hour

SAT Class

Available Online Nationwide

Starting at $795/course

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Chris AStudent
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Mr. Carney is one of the most caring and fun teachers I have ever had. He has the ability to make any topic enjoyable. Mr. Carney wants all of his students to succeed and greatly helps us through the journey of applying to college. I have learned so much in this class and am extremely glad I chose Mr. Carney to help me succeed on the SAT and be my college counselor.
Chris A.

I had a wonderful experience with diamond learning center and Mr. Carney’s excellent teaching!! He not only taught us the necessary curriculum but also had fun while at at. He made the class immensely less boring than it could have ever been. I learned so many things from his sat classes as well as in college counseling. Mr. Carney really guided me and helped me through the whole college application process and I would’ve been lost without him! – Elizabeth Y.

Mike has helped me in ways unimaginable. Going into the college process, I had no idea what I was doing. Where my essays good? How about my schedule in High School? Do I need to higher my GPA? These and many other questions were some things I asked Mike, and he helped me right away! Since Day 1, we have been working to complete the applications process. By starting early with the correct guidance, I was able to stress less, and be worry free. Mike is super experienced in this field, and works tirelessly for his clients! Plus, who doesn’t love a few dad jokes?!  – Shant K.







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