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In 1988, Mike Carney began teaching biology at Dorsey High School, a part of the Los Angeles Unified School District. Fifteen years and thousands of students later, Mr. Carney decided to take his show on the road and that set into motion Diamond Learning Center, a community of teachers, parents, authors, coaches and students, all focused on one goal: making learning fun. Get to know our team and find the perfect teacher that fits your learning style. From private tutoring to group learning pods, from SAT prep classes to College Counseling, we have teachers you can trust who will be there for you every step of the way.

Our 24 Carat Diamond Learning Founder Mike Carney

La Canada High School's ``Teacher of the Year``, Mike Carney's lifelong career in education has impacted the lives of many students across all ages and backgrounds. Mike is the creator of 'Carney's Brain in a Box' games (a bestseller for students K-5) and a published author of SAT test prep books whose famous ``unlimited hours`` SAT classes have helped students boost their SAT scores by 250 points on average. Mike is now responding to the challenges students are facing by making education fun and accessible through distanced learning. Mike is a proud dad of four amazing young women and has spent his life raising, teaching, coaching, and inspiring children of all ages.

Get To Know Our Teachers

Erin Field

I teach biology and life sciences to students in grades K-5. I have bachelor’s degrees in Biology and Chemistry from Pace University and my Master’s is in Higher Education Administration from National University.  My favorite book is “I Wish My Teacher Knew”, my favorite movie is “A League of Their Own” and my favorite place to travel is Costa Rica.
Meet Erin

Wannarat ``Toomy`` Villaia

My favorite movie is Home Alone, my favorite type of the books are mostly about improvement called Evaluating and Selecting EFL Teaching Materials. I love travelling to the east coast, Canada and Singapore.
Meet Toomy

Michael Cohen

I graduated from UCLA with a B.A in Communications; also, 2 teaching credentials from CSUN–Single Subject in English and Mild/Moderate Special Ed K-12. I’ve been to Mexico City and Canada, my favorite book is Oliver Twist by Dickens and my favorite movie–too hard to say, but I’ll have to go with E.T.
Meet Michael

Cheyenne Olson

I went to Arizona State University and got my degree in Educational Studies. My favorite book is Crazy Rich Asians, movie is Beauty and the Beast, place I’ve traveled is Paris, France.
Meet Cheyenne

Ania Babaiants

I teach Geometry, Algebra 1 & 2, Biology, AP Bio, AP English as well as all subjects in grades K-8. My favorite book is Dreamcatcher by Stephen King, my favorite movie is My Cousin Vinny and my favorite place to travel is Russia.
Meet Ania

Julio Cervantes

The subjects I can teach are Algebra 1, Chemistry, AP Literature and Composition as well as all subjects to students in grades K-6. I have a bachelor’s in History from Cal State LA. My favorite book is The Master and Margarita, my favorite movie is The Seventh Seal and my favorite place to travel is Washington, D.C.
Meet Julio

Cassandra Cohen

I graduated from the University of Oregon specializing in Psychology and Spanish. I have tutored Spanish for about two years now and I love it! I was fortunate to study abroad in Spain last summer and immerse myself into the culture. I love working with kids and helping each person reach their best potential. My favorite movie is Scooby-Doo and one of my favorite things to do is play a fun game with family and friends!
Meet Cassandra

Rachel Stern

I have been teaching and tutoring for 17 years, and have helped all ages ranging from preschool to college level. The subjects I teach are English / Grammar K-6, General 1, and Pre-K!
Meet Rachel

Kevin Gregory

I teach history, economics and government to students through grade 12. I hold a bachelor’s degree in History from CSUN. My favorite book is The Great Gatsby, my favorite movie is Bad Boys and my favorite place to travel is Costa Rica.
Meet Kevin

Sarah Carney

I can teach all subjects to students in grades K-6 as well as high school and college-level statistics and psychology. I hold a bachelors in Psychology from CSUN. My favorite book is Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows, my favorite movie is Lord of the Rings and my favorite place to travel is Singapore.
Meet Sarah

Jennifer Olivas

I’ve been teaching, since 2014, all subjects K-8 and High School mathematics thru Algebra 2. I went to CSUN and have a BA in Liberal Arts with a concentration in mathematics. My favorite book is THE GIVER series by Lois Lowry. I’m terrible with movies, but I do love the Muppets! I spent a magical week in London when I was 18.
Meet Jennifer

Austin Lopez

I went to California State University, Northridge and majored in Economics. My favorite book is The Outsiders, my favorite movie is Amélie, my favorite place I’ve traveled is Ullastret, Spain.
Meet Austin

Julie Clemons

I have experience teaching students of all ages, including my own two daughters who are 4 and 8. I have a bachelor’s degree in math (’05) as well as a single subject math teaching credential. I have classroom experience for high school math and tutoring experience in all subjects 8th grade and below. My favorite book is A Brief History of Time and my favorite movie is Avatar.
Meet Julie

Sheri Arcuria

I oversee accounting here at DLC. I have an AA in Behavioral and Social Sciences from College of the Canyons and a BA in Humanities from CSUN. I’m also a certified Hypnotherapist and certified in NLP. My favorite movie is Singing in the Rain, my favorite place to travel is Maui, and my favorite book at the moment is actually one I wrote called “Unzipped” a story about my weightloss journey published last year, available at www.sheriarcuria.com
Meet Sheri

Roberto Ceja

I’m a recent graduate from California State University San Bernardino with a Bachelors Degree in Mathematics. The subjects I teach are Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Calculus, AP Calculus, Chemistry, Geometry, Middle School Math, Physics, Pre-Calc and Science 1. My favorite book is Halo: the Fall of Reach, favorite movie is Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, and my favorite place to travel is France!
Meet Roberto

Gabrielle Furlong

A few years ago I realized, what better way to use my knowledge than to help people gain some too. I love to learn and love to teach others how learning can be fun. I graduated as a Matador (CSUN) and specialize in English, Writing, Reading, Health and Geography with a focus on students in grades K-6. The subjects I teach are English, English / Grammar, Geography, Government, History, General 1, Pre-K and Social Studies. My favorite place to travel is the Bahamas and my favorite movie is Planes, Trains and Automobiles!
Meet Gabrielle

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