The #1 SAT Prep Class

Learn the secrets to success on the SAT’s from test prep expert, Mike Carney, whose unlimited hours SAT classes have helped thousands of students improve their scores by 250 points on average. Sign up for our class, boost your scores and let’s have some fun!

  • Unlimited hours
  • An up to date and easy to use curriculum for the PSAT/SAT/ACT. The most effective SAT/ACT strategies available anywhere.
  • Average score increase of 250 points (results vary depending on the student)
  • Unlimited practice questions
  • Guidance on test taking strategy
  • Mike Carney famous “unlimited hours” SAT prep course has a 25 year history of helping students improve their scores.
  • The best SAT class at the best value available anywhere.
  • The most effective SAT prep strategies
  • Tuition is $995.00 for current 11th or 12th graders.
  • Allows for unlimited class time until the student is done, Classes are Tuesday 5-7 PM PST, Thursday 5-7 PM PST and Saturday 11-1 PM PST.
  • Students do not have to attend every class but the more they do, the better they do!
  • Most colleges take the December and even the Jan SAT of the senior year.
  • The student may attend right up until their last SAT
  • Current 10th graders tuition is $1095.00, which allows students to attend classes through their senior year.     
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